CryptoClergy 10K Collection is SOLD OUT!!

CryptoClergy NFT on the Polygon Blockchain
CryptoClergy to the Moon!

CryptoClergy are NOT your typical Clergy! They are Fun & Unique NFT Collectibles on the POLYGON Blockchain = Ultra LOW Gas Fees!

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Looking Ahead

NFT Church - where minds meet to discuss the latest in NFTs and how to promote one another - Promotion is good for the soul!

Future releases are in the planning stages already and these include:

  • More Special Collections
  • Apparel
  • Custom Requests

The Collection

CryptoClergy Base Layer Sample

CryptoClergy is a very colourful collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles residing on the Polygon blockchain.

Each CryptoClergy was generated using the HashLips Art Engine, applying layers from among the 355 unique traits with varying rarity! Some traits are more rare than others making them more sought after.

CryptoClergy are stored as ERC-721 tokens(CLERGY) on the Polygon blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Traits & Rarity

Total CryptoClergy 10,000
Eyes & Glasses 83
Hoodies 77
Hair & Hats 59
Background 40
Chains & Ties 33
Mouth 17
Tattoos & Scars 15
Earrings 7
Facial Hair 7
“Little Friends” 6
“Nose Candy” 6
Skintones 4

The Concept

CrytpoClergy were initially conceived as a "fun art project". I didn't plan to make a collection but as a techie I began to the see the potential of creating and deploying a collection of NFTs. The learning curve was steep but I had a lot of help along the way(See “Kudos” below)

CryptoClergy are not part of a game or a club. CryptoClergy are quite simply collectibles. The traits were assembled in layers with inspiration from a variety of sources including football(soccer), cryptocurrency, designer fashion, video games, music and movies. Incorporating all that with a "Clergy" just seemed like a fun idea!

They are not intended for any audience in particular, they are also not intended to ridicule anyone or anything in particular. They are quite simply figments of my imagination! I hope you'll like them.

The Creator

A bit about me...

  • I am Canadian 🇨 🇦
  • I am a front-end web developer working full-time in the public sector
  • I do pro bono work for local non-profit organizations
  • I became interested in Crypto in November 2021 and discovered NFTs a short while later
  • I am modestly invested in a small and varied range of cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, SOL, DOGE, APRIL, RADIO, XYO, MATIC & BNB
  • I have one simple investing rule that I adhere to no matter what: Do not invest any more than you are willing to lose

My hobbies and interests, which are reflected in my design of the CryptoClergy, include the Beautiful Game - I have included clubs and brands from throughout Europe’s top leagues including my beloved Liverpool FC. I also enjoy fashion, movies, design, video games, fitness and nutrition, F1 Racing and most recently Crypto & NFTs.

Hopefully you’ll find the CryptoClergy collectibles fun and creative. I’ve certainly had fun creating them!


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